I’m happy you’re here.

This site has been created to share and inspire.

A little about the title:

No person or thing is perfect but everything is beautiful and can inspire. A year ago I was at a fall festival and noticed two women selling homemade jewelry. Among the bangles and baubles was a fishbowl  full of what appeared to be pearl bracelets. The sign said $6/each. I couldn’t imagine pearls were that cheap. When I inquired about them the woman said, “They are imperfect so we can’t really do anything with them so we just string them together like this.” Something about that really affected me. I purchased two bracelets and instantly put them on. As I walked away from her little tent I examined the bracelets. Each delicate pearl seemed to have its very own markings, indentions, and distinct characteristics. Some pearls were cream colored while others had a greyish-purple tint. They seemed to change color a bit as the autumn sun reflected off each one. I stood there for several minutes inspecting each one, the women’s words echoing in my mind. Imperfect? These little pearls seemed perfect to me and not lacking value or purpose like the woman implied.  I wear these bracelets almost every day as a constant reminder that we all are flawed in some way but our beautiful imperfections are something to be celebrated and shared.

 I hope you enjoy your time here. I’ll be sharing a variety of things from lifestyle, health (A BIG hug if you’re a Tone It Up girl), inspirations, DIY, and much more!



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