Week In Review Jan 15-19, 2018


Happy Fri-Yay!!

I hope everyone had an amazing week. This week has been super busy for me but I felt it was really productive which is always a great feeling. I am still getting over a bad cold and slowly I’m coming out of the nasal congestion cloud which has made me feel all sorts of fuzzy this week. Blah!

But…we must press on and keep movin’ along, right?

I am working on revamping my blog to make it look absolutely fabulous…but it’s a process. I’m a one woman show so any graphics or web design you see are made with my amateur skills. Haha! Maybe someday I will actually pay someone to help me with graphics but right now I’m just doing the best I can with what I’ve got.

One goal I have for 2018 is to do more with this blog/website here. I have A LOT of fun plans I’m organizing so maybe sure you enter your email to follow along and every time I publish a new post it sends you a little email! Yay!

There are a few other bloggers and writers I follow who do this fun thing were they have a weekly round up or review where they share their overall thoughts for the week and share what they have been watching, reading, and enjoying. I think it’s a really fun idea so I’m going to try my hand at a weekly review of sorts too!

Here we go!

Watching: Friends-I basically have had this on in the background all day everyday. It’s also making me day dream of NYC.

Reading: I check out the New York Times online daily to stay up to date on what is happening in the world. I also have a book-Principles by Ray Dalio that I haven’t started it yet but is on my weekend to read list. I’ll let you know how that one goes!

Eating: Soup! Since I’ve been sick I have been eating lots of soups to soothe my throat. My husband and I went out one night for pho and I had a curry version which was simply heavenly. I’ve also been drinking a ton of lemon/ginger tea. Coffee too of course! šŸ˜‰ I started the Tone It Up Love Your Body challenge but then got sick so this weekend I am sure I will fully recover and meal prep to start next week strong! Woo hoo!

Listening: The 90’s playlist on Spotify and old school Shakira. Her hips do not lie.

Wearing: The only fleece that isn’t packed up somewhere. It’s a green one from Target and it’s my go-to jacket. It’s been super cold here in Miami. Well-cold for us at around 59 degrees. So, chilly really. I pair this fleece with a big plaid scarf and I’m reading for “Winter” in Miami. I’ve also been wearing every single day a bracelet or several stacked bracelets from Aid Through Trade. I talk about them all the time and no this post is not sponsored. I just LOVE their bracelets. They are fun to mix and match and your purchase goes to helping empower women. Who doesn’t love that?

Quoting: If you follow me on Instagram then you will see that I am doing a daily letter board project with a new inspirational, funny, or motivational phrase each day. Check it out to see this week’s quotes!


Photographing: Many of you have noticed and said you are enjoying that I am posting more on my Instagram. So happy! My favorite thing to photograph this week has been the epic sunsets here in Miami. Our condo may not be the most renovated in the building but these views make up for it!


Day Dreaming About: It will come as no surprise but I am day dreaming about travel and longing to take another trip somewhere. I would love to go back to NYC for fashion week but I’m not sure if that will workout yet. If you are going to fashion week and want to share accommodations send me an email to courtney@coffeewithcourtney.com. I have a few invites to shows so if I can find a place to stay I am SO there!

Planning: New blog content and YouTube videos. Right after I click publish here I am going to finish some household chores to organize my filming room and plan out videos to film this weekend. I’m also getting together this weekend with some other blogger friends which is always exciting and fun! Leave me any requests or suggestions you have for content you would like to see down in a comment!

I hope you enjoyed this extra peek into my weekly life. Let me know what you have been doing and loving this week too!

Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I hope you have a relaxing Friday night!


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