Trash Show & Tell? Product Empties+ Reviews Dec. 2018

Hi friends! I know that Vlogmas has not gone how I hoped. December has been a weird month for me in terms of work and health. I am going to edit all of the remaining footage I have from daily-style vlogs and then just keep moving forward with as many videos as I can. I know you will understand because you’re flippin’ amazing people! 

In this video I am sharing my recent product empties…aka people on the internet show you their trash and then talk about how much they liked or disliked said trash. The internet is a strange yet amazing place! Hehe I hope you enjoy this video and if you do please consider subscribing to this blog (Subscription box on the homepage) and also to my YouTube channel. Leave me any comments, questions, or inspirational quotes as I love to chat with fellow beauty and lifestyle lovers just like you! 

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