Tight-N Up Your Skills With We Love Colors

Thank you so much for tuning in with me on the We Love Colors Instagram! It was so much fun to share with you my passion for using color to organize my daily tasks and organizer. As promised I am sharing my tips here so you can come back and reference this post. I’m also including some fun, FREE printables for you to use in your daily planning journey. Let me know if you have any additional tips or tricks for staying organized that you would like to share with the community. Sharing is caring. šŸ™‚

Also-Don’t forget you can still place your We Love Colors order online and they are shipping 1-2x per week! Show off your colorful planners and to-do lists and use the #TUYSWLC. Can’t wait to see!

Quick Tips:

  1. Build a planning routine. Take 5 minutes every morning to plan out your day. Make this the very first thing you do in the morning so it will become a habit. You can enjoy your morning cup of coffee or breakfast while you plan.
  2. Consistency is key. Set a goal of 21 days to plan your daily tasks and appointments. It is said that is takes 3 weeks to make something a habit. April 1st is around the corner, making it a great time to start this new beneficial habit.
  3. Use what you have and make it work. Take a look around your home and in your craft drawer for pens or art supplies to jazz up your planner. If you don’t have colored pens you can always write in black in and then shade over in crayon or colored pencil. You could also underline in colored marker. If you don’t have a planner, you can make your own with a simple notebook.
  4. Choose colors that make you feel good. When using color to code different tasks, take a moment to look at all of the colors you have. How does each color make you feel. When you look at blue, for example, what kind of tasks or feeling do you associate with this color? Do this for each color and then you will build a natural method of color coding that is custom to you.
  5. Experiment with Color Theory. There are several theories out there about what each color means. You can search online for each color meaning and see if it connects with you. In general red sparks alarm or excitement. Orange can spark creativity. Yellow indicates caution. Blue provokes a sense of calmness. Green is linked to logical thinking. Purple is associated with power and work. Of course, none of these are set in stone.
  6. Go digital. If you don’t want to worry about keeping track of a physical planner you can organize your daily tasks with a Google doc or spreadsheet and your appointments with the calendar on your phone. Set up alerts and reminder for your tasks as an extra step to keep you on track.

Below are some FREE daily planning printable you can use to help you stay organized. If there is a specific type of planning sheet you would like just let me know!

*This is a non-paid collaboration between Coffee With Courtney and We Love Colors. Just two people spreading happy to be a positive force in the community.

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