Spring Renewal

Happy Spring!

Today marks the first day of Spring (and my dad’s birthday!). This time of year always makes me think of new beginnings and fresh starts. Just about one year ago I moved to Miami so I am reflecting on what has happened over the last year, the goals I achieved, the mistakes I made, and where I want to go from here.

Many people start new goals in January but for me, a fresh start feels more natural around Spring time. This past January I made New Year’s goals mainly out of obligation but I haven’t felt extremely motivated to focus on them until now. I think goal creation takes more time than most people realize because you have to evaluate your life on a few different levels to really know which goals you should be striving for.  I say “should” because there is a difference between the things we should be doing and the things we want to do. There are many goals I want to achieve but I need to take a step back and look at what is truly best for myself, my relationships, and the direction of my life. For example, I want to attend Playlist Live in Orlando in May because I feel that will help me network for my blog and YouTube channel. When I really take a closer look what I should do is focus more on networking in my local community. I don’t have to wait for a specific conference to network and collaborate. Miami is full for content creators who want to collaborate and there are many opportunities to network here. I already have a few new collaborations in the works so stay tuned!

That is just one example but this same idea can be applied to any goal you have. This Spring I want to take a closer look at what is truly important to me and focus my goals around those things. I attended a South Florida Bloggers meet-up this past weekend and the speaker said a few things that stuck out to me. She asked us to ask ourselves why we blog and make content. The reason I have this blog or create any content that you see from me is to help people. I want to help others be happy, healthy, and enjoy life to the fullest. I created this blog and my YouTube channel as a form of self care and as a therapeutic outlet.

I know for certain that I want to focus my content more on wellness and create a space online (and in real life) for people to come and just enjoy life and be happy. I want to create an online vacation from the stressors of life.

Those are my few thoughts for this Monday morning. Let me know if you are doing any Spring goal planning or organization and we can help each other with our goals!


Have a beautiful week and I’ll talk to you soon! <3



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