Saturday Coffee Vibes

Happy Saturday!

I hope your weekend is starting off well. Every Saturday I wake up, make coffee, and then plan out my weekend on paper. I have recently started bullet journaling and it is life changing!

Here is a photo I posted on snapchat (That’s why it’s not high-res)

I will do a more detailed post and possibly a video about bullet journaling but I think I should keep doing it a bit longer so I have more to share.

On item on my list is to share with you my recent trip to NYC. My morning coffee especially reminded me of my NYC trip because while I was in New York I tried several local coffee shops that have made “Best Of” lists. One of those coffee shops is Dough. It’s actually a doughnut and coffee shop. They have a couple locations, one being in the lobby of the Row NYC Hotel, where I stayed. I would wake up every morning and go down to the lobby for an Americano. Their espresso is really smooth and more on the fruity side.

I am working on a more detailed review post about the different coffee spots I visited, so stay tuned. In this photo I am holding my coffee from Dough Doughnuts as I stare out my Row NYC hotel window. I had a great view of the city traffic (and the snow!). My sweater says “Best weather is kimono weather” and I completely agree! I found it at Marshalls. My maroon glitter lurex tights are from We Love Colors. You can get your own here:

I just wanted to pop in to say hello and now I will get back to my coffee and content making. Lots of new posts and videos are coming soon for you this coming week!

Have a great weekend!  Talk to you soon. <3



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