Saturday Coffee Thoughts: The Ups and Downs of Inspiration

It has been quite a while since I wrote one of these “coffee thoughts” posts but as I was making my to-do list just now I felt inspired so here we are. Speaking of inspiration, that is just the topic I want to chat about today. Before we go any further, do you have yourself a cup of coffee or beverage of choice? You do?! Perfect.

I am actually sipping on a cup of 1/4 caf Mommee Coffee. (*Not sponsored). I have to make a whole video dedicated to coffee during pregnancy because there is quite the controversy and nothing seems to upset strangers more than a pregnant woman eating or drinking something they think you shouldn’t. Stay tuned for that video coming up on my YouTube channel-Courtney Val.

bag of coffee on white table cloth in front of a vase full of baby's breath flowers

The main topic I want to cover in this post is inspiration and the complicated rollercoaster of a relationship I, and many others, sometimes experience with staying inspired. I find myself feeling bursts of creative inspiration only to suddenly have those feelings be followed with exhaustion, self-doubt, and lack of motivation. We all know that it’s one thing to have a great idea but to put that idea into action is where most of these genius ideas die. I am guilty of having a million amazing ideas but lacking the follow through to really make it happen.

Recently I have been feeling this situation happen more and I want to do something about it. I did some thinking and here is what usually happens in my specific case.

Step 1: I feel incredibly inspired and creative. OMG- I NEED to create this thing right now.

Step 2: I think about the idea and all of the details, even taking detailed notes on the specifics.

Step 3: Maybe a day or two goes by and I have just been working and doing other tasks. This is where the exhaustion hits and I start to think, “Ok I’m definitely going to do/post/creative/make this thing…but not today. I’m too tired.”

Step 4: More days go by and I still have not acted on the idea. I start to feel bad about myself for not having the proper motivation to do said thing.

Step 5: Self-doubt kicks in and I start thinking, “Eh. That is probably a dumb idea anyway. ” I doubt my ability to create this idea perfectly or up to the standards of society, other creators, or “real artists”.

Step 6: The idea dies within the pages of my notebook and I’m left feeling down.

Step 7: The process starts all over again with a new idea.

Looking at this chain of events above you can really see the rollercoaster pattern happening here. Also, as a side note, I am sharing all of this very honestly and openly with you in hopes it may reach someone out there who might also feel or have felt the same thing.

Now that I have broken down the pattern and acknowledged it. It’s time to do something about it. When I have a problem I am all about analyzing it and then creating concrete action steps to be taken in order to correct that problem. It’s basically a fool-proof way to correct or at least improve any given situation you want to fix.

What is the true problem?

Looking at the facts the real problem is taking immediate action on an idea or inspiration.

Why is this problem occurring?

I often get inspired to create something but then I get too caught up in the details and worrying about how I will put my idea into place with complete perfection.

What can be done?

I need to take immediate action to put my idea into place. This could be as simple as just posting the desired photo, making the DIY, or writing the blog post. This could also be making a concrete plan or deadline and maybe even have someone else hold me accountable. I also need to stop worrying that the end result won’t be perfect according to someone else’s standards.

When I write this all out it seems so easy but I know that to correct this behavior will take time. Writing this very blog post though is an exercise in what I am speaking about. I felt inspired to talk to you today so I am doing it. Is this the most perfect piece of writing to ever exist? Maybe not, but at least I am writing. If you are having self-doubt about creating something I encourage you to take action and give your idea a chance. If it doesn’t work out, at least you tried and you can move on to the next idea.

I will keep you updated on my own personal rollercoaster of self-improvement. Until next time, stay inspired!

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