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I just posted a new video on my YouTube Channel reviewing a new soap subscription service called Clean Bar Box. This service is similar to the popular beauty subscription services out there in which you pay a small monthly fee and each month they send you new products. In this case all of the products are handmade bars of soap.

There are 3 options for this subscription service:

Monthly Half Bar Sampler Box– $14.99
~This comes with four 2.5oz bars of soap

Monthly Large Box-$19.99
~Comes with two 5 oz bars and two 2.5oz bars

Every Other Month Large Box-$19.99
~Get all the goodies from the monthly large box shipped to you every other month.

I was sent the Monthly Half Bar Sampler Box to try and I love these soaps. From first touch you can feel how moisturizing they are. My box included an exfoliating Blueberry soap that has ground up oatmeal right in the bar for a gentle exfoliation. All of the soaps smelling amazing too.  These scents are neither too feminine nor too masculine so I think this is definitely a unisex product. I even had my husband try them and he loved them too. They cleanse your skin really well and leave you feeling very fresh.

Aesthetically, the packaging of these soaps is very natural looking and it appears that the box and shredded paper in the box can be recycled. Each soap comes in a small burlap pouch that you could reuse. (jewelry, hair ties, small office supplies, bobby pins, etc)

I think this is a really nice subscription service for anyone who loves bath and body products. This would make a really nice gift too.

Watch my review video here:

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