Quinoa & Chick Pea Stir Fry

So earlier today I discovered a delicious alternative to fried rice…by accident. 
I was in the kitchen preparing a bunch of meals for the next few days when my stomach started grumbling for lunch. I had some quinoa leftover so I decided to heat it up with some veggies in a pan. I sprayed a little of my favorite Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil cooking spray in the pan along with the quinoa and set the heat on medium-high. Then I heard the distinctive gnawing sound of a bunny rabbit and ran over to find my pet rabbit, Luna chewing on a baseboard. I chased her down, picked her up, and secured her back in her cage with a chew toy. That whole time my quinoa was sizzling away on the stove.  When I came back I stirred it around to find that the bottom layer was now darker brown and a little crunchy. At first I thought I had completely ruined it but after a quick taste test I decided to let the whole mixture “burn” a little. I kept stirring it periodically and added in some chick peas with a little garlic salt. After about 8 more minutes I determined it was sufficiently crispy. I was pleasantly surprised by my little accident and it ended up tasting just like fried rice.  As for the veggies…they ended up being eaten with hummus. 🙂 

Sorry this photo is a little blurry. It wasn’t well planned.

Hope you all have a great day!


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  1. Lauren Rose

    May 4, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    Hi Courtney – This quinoa stir-fry looks so delicious!
    Thank you so much for the thoughtful gifts, I'm glad you enjoyed the clothing!
    Hope you're having a good weekend! <3

  2. C

    May 13, 2014 at 7:05 am

    It was delicious! I need to make that again soon. I'm so glad you enjoyed the little treats! 🙂 Hope you're having a great week.

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