Outfit Of The Day: South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Yesterday my husband and I attended the South Beach Wine and Food Festival here in Miami and it was a blast! I posted a lot on Snapchat and Instagram stories so if you’re not following me there you definitely should! I am getting a lot better with Instagram stories too. Woo!

Snapchat: courtney.val

Instagram: @courtney.val

I want to share my outfit from yesterday because I am really happy with how it turned out.  One thing I love about living in Miami is that ANYTHING goes when it comes to personal style. You can rock whatever look you want and love and (almost) no one will judge you badly. I think I did give some tourist a little shock as I walked down the beach yesterday and I caught someone snapchatting/taking a photo of me but it’s all good. I was actually really tempted to go over to them and say, “Hey, love my outfit? You can take a better photo if you want!”.

One guy on the street stopped me and said I looked like “a cute little pixie”. Hehe I will take that as a huge compliment, Sir because pixies are adorable!

The look I was going for yesterday was mermaid-inspired.  I paired neon pink fishnet tights with a pair of teal shorts as the main focal point of my outfit.


Top: Black Sleeveless chiffon top. This top was a gift from my mother-in-law a few years back but you can use any black top you like!

Camisole(under top): The black top was a bit sheer so I added a silky black camisole underneath. I am not sure where it’s from though because I took the tag out. Any black camisole will work.

Shorts: I found these shorts at Goodwill but originally they were from KimChi Blue. I snagged them for $4!

Fishnets: These Neon Pink Wide Mesh fishnets are from We Love Colors. $9.00

Shoes: My shoes are black sandals with a chunky 3 inch heel. They are from Christian Siriano.

Necklace: I decided to not wear any earrings and go for this long necklace with a prism pendant.

Sunglasses: These are from Betsey Johnson and I found them at Nordstrom Rack.


I want to do more outfit of the day posts like this so let me know if you would like to see that!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll talk to you soon! <3




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