One-A-Day September Reading Challenge

Recently I have been talking a lot on my social media platforms about books and reading. I have gotten such a great response that I decided to create a challenge for myself and for anyone who would like to participate. It’s the One-A-Day challenge and the concept is super easy. The challenge is to read every day one chapter, one hour, 100 pages, etc. You can tailor the challenge to fit your schedule and lifestyle. Just read one portion of a book every single day. Also while I know technically you could read just 1 page, let’s all strive to at least read 1 chapter minimum per day. 😉

If you have children you could make it a family affair and read them one whole children’s book for the challenge. I know that reading physical books is not everyone’s cup of tea, so audiobooks are included in this challenge too! The overall goal is to just incorporate reading and literature into your everyday life one day at a time. 

Benefits of creating a daily reading routine: 

  • Improves your memory
  • Increases your vocabulary which can translate into your writing
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves your ability to focus, concentrate, and comprehend what you read
  • Promotes positive mental health
  • Improves creativity

Throughout the month of September I will be sharing book hauls, book reviews, and my reading schedule methods. Now, here is a little question for you. Where would you prefer to see book related content on this blog, IGTV, Instagram, or YouTube? Let me know!

Do you want to participate in the challenge too? Use #readoneaday on Instagram and tag me in your posts! 


Here’s a peek at what’s on my bookshelf this month!


BRB- I’m signing off to finish reading West Of Sunset. 


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