New Handbag Review: Miami Swim Week 2016 Pop-Up Shop

Hello lovelies!

This is a late post I know but I’m going to pull the “better late than never” card and just carry on. Sound good? Great!

This Summer I had the pleasure to attend some Miami Swim Week 2016 events including a pop-up handbag shop by Louise & Eleanor, a designer based out of L.A.


Before this event I had never heard of this brand but I am so happy I found them. This is not just another fashion brand. It’s part of an important movement: Fashion For A Cause.

Louise & Eleanor donate part of their profits to help charitable causes, specifically organizations that empower women. Many of you know that I have worked for most of my adult life as an advocate to empower women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking, or facing a life-changing crisis.
Knowing that my purchase goes to support such amazing organizations makes my heart happy.

In Miami, Louise & Eleanor donate to The Lotus House, an organization that empowers homeless women through its support services. In L.A. they support Two Wings, an organization that provides assistance to survivors of sex trafficking.



When I carry this bag I can’t wait for people to ask me, “Where did you get that beautiful purse?” because it opens up the door to share information about empowering women through advocacy and crisis intervention services. Also, their handbags are beautiful and very well made so I’m am always happy to share great fashion finds with others.


As you can see this bag is a beautiful blend of pink, purple, orange, and gold tones which makes it a great piece to carry during Spring, Summer, and even as a transition piece into Fall. Of course if you live in a warm climate like me then this bag can be used year-round. The bag has a metallic sheen to it, which makes it perfect for a night out or a more fancy daytime occasion like a wedding. This clutch can actually hold a lot including a small wallet, phone, and makeup essentials. I have even fit my small point and shoot camera in here. The inside is made of soft cotton so your camera and phone will be well protected. The closure on the front is magnetic and stays securely shut. The overall feel of this bag is luxurious but not too much so, that you don’t want to take it out of it’s protective bag.


The price-point on these handbags can vary depending on the material used. I paid $78 for this particular clutch and I feel it is well worth the price.

I am very pleased with this handbag and I definitely have my eye on a couple other bags by this brand. I did purchase this handbag with my own money and all of these opinions are my honest thoughts.

You can check out their handbag collection by visiting their website here:

I will be doing more posts and videos talking about the Fashion For A Cause movement so stay tuned! Leave me any comments or questions you may have because I would love to hear from you.

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