Motivation Monday: A Exercise In Mindfulness

Good Monday Morning!

Today I want to share a simple mindfulness exercise I often do to start off a day or the week. This type of mental exercise often helps me be more productive, reduce stress levels, and fight negative thoughts.

First, take a moment to just look around at your surroundings. Look at your environment at each thing near you. Then draw your awareness back to yourself. Take a few deep breaths and with each breath bring yourself into the present more and more. Focus on this moment, this day. There is only this time right now. Don’t let your mind travel back to the past or to the future. Focus on now, on today.

As you continue breathing set your intentions. Think about your goals for the day. Think about the things you want to accomplish today. Think about both the small and big things. Everything you do today is important, no matter how small the task may be.

Give yourself affirmations and think about your motivation for the intentions you just set. Think about how today will make the rest of the days this week better.

Finally, remind yourself of reasons you should be happy today and this week. Think about the things you are grateful for. You have been blessed with another day of life and another opportunity to achieve your goals. That alone is one reason to be happy.

Remind yourself of this: Today is going to be a great day because you will make it great with whatever you do today.

Try this exercise and let me know how it makes you feel. I also like to journal my intentions, goals, and reasons for happiness. Sometimes seeing those things on paper helps me be more mindful.

Have a great week and I’ll talk to you soon!



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