Monday Morning Yoga Routine to Jumpstart Your Week

Say it with me, “Mondays don’t suck”.  Ok, now repeat that to yourself until you finish either your commute or your coffee…or both. 😉

One of my favorite ways to get myself in the right headspace for a new week is through a really easy but effective yoga routine. This is something you can do in 5-10 minutes or you can repeat the series as many times as you like for a longer session. It has often been recommended to me to hold each pose for about 15 seconds but listen to your body and decide for yourself how long to hold each pose. If you’re in intense pain-stop! This routine can also be done at night before bed to help stretch and relax your body from the day’s work. I have even done parts of this routine at work in the bathroom or at my desk.

Check out my routine below and let me know if you would like more information about the poses I list. I would be happy to attempt to show each individual pose in photos or maybe a video.

Morning Yoga Routine

Sun Salutation-Full Series

Tree Pose- Right and Left

 Plank to downward facing dog

Triangle Pose

Warrior 1- Right Side

Warrior 2- Right Side

Lunge to Plank-Right

Warrior 1- Left Side

Warrior 2- Left Side

Lunge to Plank-Left

Flow plank to Chaturanga

Upward Facing Dog to Downward Facing Dog

Step Through to Top of Your Mat

Sun Salutation Series

Step Back to Plank and Transition on to Table Top Pose

Cat/Cow poses

Childs Pose


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