Miami YouTuber Meet-Up At Mister Block Coffee

Many of you may not know this but I am the organizer for a local group called Miami YouTubers. This is a group of South Florida and Miami based YouTube content creators all working to grow our channels, network with other YouTubers, and create amazing content.

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Yesterday I hosted a meet-up at Mister Block Cafe in Wynwood and we had such a great time! Wynwood is the heart of the art scene in Miami and best known for the colorful murals that cover every wall in the neighborhood. It is a vibrant place that always brings me a great deal of inspiration and if there is one thing that creators need on a consistent basis, it’s inspiration. About 20-25 people came in total which is a great turnout and there were many new faces which is even better. It is always great to connect with new YouTubers in the area and see what new and innovative content is being created in our city! My heart is very happy and I am planning our next meet-up which will be later this month, so stay tuned.  


Jitter Mom from Jitter Flicks Channel (check them out!)

Check out all of the channels of everyone who came out yesterday! If you like what you see, subscribe and join their tribe. 🙂

Are you a content creator in the South Florida area? Join our Meet-Up group here:

If you are an expert is any area of content creation and would like to be a guest speaker please fill out the google form here:  

Jitter Flicks


Bitcoin Uncensored 

Digital Goja

Girl Gone Crypto

Just Jordean

Key Jay


Rican Vegan


Yessenia Cossio

Viapree Project


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