Happy New Year! + How To Actually Keep Your Resolutions

 Happy New Year, Friends!


I hope everyone had great New Year’s Eve celebration and you are not feeling any negative effects from too many champagne toasts. 😉

I opted to have only 2oz of champagne last night while meal prepping because I’m starting a 5 Day Detox through Tone It Up, the nutrition plan I follow. At around 11pm I headed over to my friend’s house to watch the fireworks and ring in the new year. It was a really nice time and I’m so happy I got myself out the door to enjoy the last moments of 2017!

It’s officially 2018 and time to make resolutions for things we want to leave behind in 2017 and things we want to achieve. I LOVE making new year resolutions and I know that some people hate it, but I think the reason many people hate making resolutions is because they can’t keep them. #RealTalk

Why is it so hard to keep a New Year resolution? With the magic of the fireworks and all the things that come with celebrating we tend to get a bit excited and disillusioned about what we want to accomplish in the next year. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a dreamer and I say, “Dream big!” always but if you are having trouble keeping your resolution it is likely because you set goal for yourself that was unrealistic.

Instead of setting gigantic vague goals, set small goals with achievable timelines. Here is a good example:

Wrong Way

Resolution: Get healthy in 2018

Right Way:

Resolution: Get healthy in 2018 by:

  • Following a structured and maintainable nutrition plan that allows for some flexibility. Make an appointment to see a nutritionist by Feb 1st.
  • Sign-Up and complete a 5k by June
  • Find a friend to workout with on Saturday mornings
  • Take a 10 minute walk daily

Do you see the difference between the two resolutions? These are not my specific goals, but just an example. The first one is too vague and does not explain how you will achieve this goal. The second one lays out clear actions you will be taking and even includes some timelines for achieving parts of this resolution. Set some finite dates for achieving parts of your resolution and this will help you keep yourself on track. Another great way to ensure you achieve your goal is to find someone with a similar goal and become accountability buddies. You can send each other motivational texts, snaps, or event snail mail them a card for encouragement. If you agree to be someone’s accountability partner, keep your end of the bargain too. You are in it together!

Documenting your journey to complete your goal is another great way to keep your resolution at the forefront of your mind. You can pick up a journal for as little as $1 and use it specifically to document your journey. You could also opt for an online option and create a Google Doc where you make notes about your progress. Take 5 minutes a day to write down your thoughts relating to your resolution. If you are stuck for what to write try answering these 3 questions daily:

  1. How am I feeling today about my resolution?
  2. What can I do today to work towards my resolution?
  3. What is my motivation for today?

Now, grab your calendar and set timelines for checking in on your progress. Program it into your phone’s calendar, write it down, or both! Make sure you give yourself enough time in between each deadline to make some progress.

Lastly, don’t see failure as a bad thing. If you begin this resolution and you are not making the progress you wanted, it is OK. If you have a slip up or get off track a little bit just document it, think about how to correct it, and move on. Do not give up completely because you had one bad day, week, or month even. It is best to make a plan right from the beginning on how you will deal with these potential slip ups. Ask yourself this question, “If I get off track what concrete things will I do to get back on track?”.

You got this! Whatever your resolution is for this year, if you work hard enough you will achieve it or at least make big steps in achieving it. I know it sounds cheesy but if you make the conscious choice to believe in yourself then great things will happen for you. Surround yourself this year with people who believe in you and who lift you up! Lift other up too and we will all be happier, healthier, and more successful.

I hope your 2018 starts off amazingly and don’t forget to check back here often (or subscribe to get these blog posts sent right to your inbox!). I’m revamping my website if you couldn’t tell and amazing (achievable) things are coming here on Coffee With Courtney in 2018.


Happy New Year!




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