Guest Post: Summer Cleaning Inspirations

Good Morning friends!

Most people focus on Monday as being the day to jumpstart your week but I’m switching things up. Set yourself up for an even more productive upcoming week by cleaning out your space this weekend with the help of my friend, Mary.

Mary is an multiple-businesswoman, entrepreneur, inventor, artist, author, community organizer, Yorkie mama….and the list goes on! Today she is sharing her Summer cleaning inspirations and thoughts!

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My Summer Cleaning List Inspired by Courtney Val

1. Your bathroom. I was shocked and the stuff I found in there. Some of it was straight up embarrassing! Throw away old expired products. I had a bottle of baby Benadryl from when my puppy Bella got sick. 5 years ago 😳.

2. Your office supplies. As a businesswoman, a writer, and an artist I have had compiled way to much “stuff”. I mean I have like a zillion pens, DIY materials, like Courtney mentions in her list, post its, envelopes etc. I even found a stack of postcards from all over and mailed one to my Grampa to say hi!

3. Your closet. This one is always on my list of things to do. I’m constantly getting rid of clothes, and friends are always giving me goodies. This time around I focused on shoes. I have way too many. Tons that I don’t wear anymore or just have had to much love. Make 3 piles. Donate, swap, and sell. Donate pile is for your local thrift store. I like Lotus House here in Miami. Swap pile is for exchanging with your friends. I host an event like this a couple times a year. Next one is August 3rd! The sell pile is for ebay or another app like Poshmark.

4. Your books. Pass them on as gifts to people! I realize some of you may not have books, so in this case, use this opportunity to get some! Another great thing about cleaning out your space is that you make room for some new stuff!

5. Your phone. I know I have pages of apps that I simply do not use. Go ahead and get rid of them. They are taking up space on your phone, probably collecting data on you, and possibly draining your battery. If you can write a review or send feedback to the app developer so that they understand what they can do better!


Watch Mary’s tips below!


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