Get #Sandalreadyfeet With 7th Heaven Foot Masks

Summer time =sandal time! live in south Florida like I do; then it’s sandal time all year round. Prepping your feet to be showcased in those strappy wonders can often be costly in both time and money.

Taking time for ourselves and practicing self-care can also be hard when life gets busy. I know that something like foot care can often be tossed to the side when you’re working, taking care of a family, and doing extra activities outside of work/home. One thing I have had to teach myself is that self-care is not selfish and taking a few minutes every night to pamper yourself is good for your physical and mental health.

Over the last 2 years or so I have developed a strong interest and love for face masks. They are a great way to de-stress and pamper yourself for 5-15 minutes. I’m a chronic multitasker so I usually put on a face mask and then do another task while it dried. One of the first face masks I ever tried was from the 7th Heaven brand (formerly Montagne Jeunesse). I remember seeing a display at Walmart that had a selection of the face masks. I used to gravitate towards the Dead Sea Mud Pac because it really helps with blemishes. I still really love that mask!

Recently I had the opportunity to partner with 7th Heaven an test out their new foot masks! That’s right…they now have treatments for your feet! There are currently 3 different varieties and all of them serve specific purposes.


Fresh Feet Mask:

This mask (pictured below) is great to apply to your feet before you slip on your favorite sandals and head out the door for the day. This gel to cream talc formula absorbs sweat and odor while making your feet feel smooth and soft. It has a fresh minty smell to it but it’s not extremely obvious like some other foot care products. My feet felt fresh the whole day when I used this. One note I will make is that if you sandals are faux suede, cotton, or other canvas like material there might be a slight dusty residue from the talc but it easily wipes out and no harm is done to your shoes.

Foot Pumice and Foot Butter Duo:

Two of the foot care masks come in dual packs. You get a treatment on one side and a moisturizer on the other. This is my favorite of the 3 because my feet felt just as soft and nourished as they do when I get a professional salon pedicure. The foot pumice is a gentle but effective scrub that exfoliates your feet really well. Since it has been so hot here lately I like to rinse my feet with cool water for an extra dose of freshness. Then, there is the foot butter. Oh, this foot butter! It is a ground shea nut butter and it is maybe the best foot butter I have ever used. If they sold this foot butter separately I would buy a whole container. The scent is quintessentially spa-like. There is enough product in this packet for 1-2 uses and I really smothered my feet well.  After I applied the foot butter I put on my favorite pair of cozy socks and let the moisturizer fully absorb. When I took the socks off my feet felt soft and pampered. I have since purchased 2 more of these if that says anything!

Foot Soak and Foot Lotion Duo:

The 2nd of the 2 duos is also very nice and the more refreshing of the two. The directions recommend that you soak for feet for 10-15 minutes but I like to soak my feet until the water gets cold. For an extra dose of pampering I put a face mask on while my feet were soaking. (High 5 for multitasking!) I think applied the foot lotion and rubbed it until it absorbed completely. This foot lotion is more minty and refreshing than the foot butter. Of course you can use these foot treatment how you like best but in my mind I think this duo is best for the morning because the minty scent and feeling wakes you up and refreshes your feet for the day. This might also be a great treatment to use between your day at the beach and your dinner out at night!

All of these masks can be found at Walmart for under $3! Although I was sent these masks for free to try I have since purchased another set with my own money because I like them so much. While I was at Walmart I also picked up a few other products by 7th Heaven so I will be doing a 7th Heaven haul on my YouTube channel sometime in August. I think these foot treatments are the perfect way to treat yourself to an at-home pedicure or spa night. Or, you can use these to maintain and extend the results of a salon pedicure.

Here you can see my #sandalready feet in my current favorite pair of sandals.

Want to see more? Check out the YouTube video review I did below!

Have you tried any 7th heaven face or foot masks? Let me know which ones are your favorite! No matter what product you use, don’t forget to take time for yourself every day. You deserve it!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I’ll talk to you again very soon! <3

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*This is a sponsored blogpost done in collaboration with 7th Heaven. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 🙂

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