Essential Health Foods For Just $1.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the health foods I have found and frequently purchase at my local Dollar Tree store. One reason people give for not eating healthy is that health foods are just too expensive. That can be true if you don’t know where to shop. I found these items particularly helpful when I was in college and money was very tight.  
There are some health foods you can’t get very thrifty with like specialty foods and organic produce. So my thinking is to save where you can so you can spend more on those specialty foods. I know there are Dollar Tree stores in the US and Canada but I’m not sure about the rest of the world.  I’ve been to similar stores in the UK so I encourage everyone to look for these items in their local “dollar” store. 
I chose these items based on ingredients and overall nutritional value. 
1. Flax Seed.
2. Quick Oats.
3. Tea bags. My favorite kind is by the brand Queen’s Choice. 
4. Sugar In The Raw. 
5. Dry black beans. I’ve also seen dried kidney and pinto beans but it seems to depend on the store. 
6. Brown rice. 
7. Organic Soy Milk. 
8. Luna and Cliff Bars
9. Sea Salt
10. Seasonings. (Cinnamon, garlic, cayenne,etc. )
11. Frozen white fish. Not all Dollar Tree stores have a frozen section but the ones that do have a pretty good selection.
12. Frozen veggies and fruit. 
13. Canola spray for cooking
14. Rice cakes
15. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. 
16. Tuna in water. A nutritionist once told me to limit canned or pre-packaged tuna to 1-2 times per week but, if you’re in a hurry or on a budget it’s a much better option than the dollar menu. 
Aside from food products I have also found some personal health products which I buy on occasion. 
1. Vitamins. You should check the ingredients for each type though. I like the Vitamin E and Gingko Biloba.  
2. Antacids
3. Epsom salt for soaking sore muscles. 
4. Intimate cleansing wipes. Is that TMI, ladies? Sorry!
5. Toothpaste and toothbrushes 
Alternatively there are things I absolutely stay away from at these types of stores because of the dangerous chemicals they can contain.
~Body lotion- Holy parabens!
~Cookies, candy, chips- Sucralose. 
~Juice-100% sugar water
~Coconut water- This is a tricky one. It seems healthy but if you look at the ingredients they add a 
bunch of extra sugar. 
~FullBar- This looks like an innocent granola bar that is supposed to suppress your appetite but it’s loaded with chemicals. 
As always you should look at the ingredients of each individual item because some products can vary from store to store. 
Let me know if you have visited a similar “dollar” store and what items you’ve found! I love being healthy and I love a deal. 
Have a fabulous day!

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