Coffee With Courtney Live

Hi friends!

Last night I did a live stream on my YouTube channel. Every now and again I do these as part of my “Coffee With Courtney” series. Since it was at 8:30PM I actually wasn’t drinking coffee, I was drinking a tea. In one of the last live streams I did a few people asked me where they could get the tea I was drinking so I found it on Amazon here:


You can also find it at Whole Foods and possibly at some local health store you have in your area. I was drinking the chocolate flavor but I have seen other flavors like hazelnut. To me it really does taste like coffee so if you are looking for an herbal tea with a coffee taste you might check this out!

It was so great having a few of you at my Coffee With Courtney live but if you missed it then you can watch it below! Head over to the video and leave me a comment letting me know any video requests you have and also let me know if you would like to see a weekly Coffee With Courtney Dollar Tree haul.

Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon! <3

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