Coffee Thoughts: Fear of Being Successful?

Happy Sunday, friends! I hope you had a productive week and if you have been attending Art Basel Miami I hope your feet don’t have too many blisters( I have 5 and counting) and your brain’s hard drive hasn’t crashed from creative overload. 

Today’s topic du jour is inspired by a crazy dream I had last night and I think many people will be able to relate. Last night I was dreaming about content creation, specifically posting on Instagram. Now, as you may have noticed it has been awhile since I posted a new photo on my feed. I have so many amazing photos to share but I basically got off schedule with my content calendar and I have been feeling like, “Crap how can I post these Fall photos without it being weird?”.  In my dream I was posting a random photo that was not pre-planned but I really loved it. When I pressed the “Share” button all of the sudden I started getting thousands upon thousands of likes, follows, and comments. It FREAKED me out! A sudden rush of panic came over me and I immediately thought my account had been hacked or someone had bought me likes to get my Instagram account deleted (That is actually happening to other creators, btw). I didn’t know how to handle this influx of engagement and “success”.  Looking at the comments these were real people and not spam or bots. It was very confusing to me and overall I felt like my photo didn’t deserve this kind of recognition. 

When I woke up from this dream I had a tight, tense feeling in my chest. Usually I am not one to fully jump into reading dreams as truth but sometimes I think our dreams can be a way for our brain to tell us something we maybe aren’t prepared to accept while awake. In the case of my dream I think my brain was trying to scream at me something I have been struggling with recently. 

Let’s break it down: 

In my dream I am posting a photo that I feel is a true representation of who I am. I really like the post I created even though it wasn’t perfectly planned. I think this represents the true type of content I want to create. 

Next, I receive an outpouring of love and support for this content I have posted. To me, this means that people will actually like the content I have a desire to post. 

Lastly, I am freaked out, can’t handle, and don’t think I deserve the type of positive reaction I receive when I do post this content. This is the most important part of all of this. To me, this part of my dream signifies that I don’t truly think I deserve success and don’t truly believe in myself. 

Crap, you guys…

My take away from this is that I have the capability to be successful posting the true type of content I love and want to create but I need to truly believe that I deserve success and support. It’s such a cliché to say, “You have to believe in yourself”, but it’s so annoyingly true. I think it’s not just about believing in yourself but also believing that you have something desirable to share with the world.  

One thing I have noticed from this year’s Art Basel events is that not everyone will “get” your work but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good work. If someone doesn’t understand what you’re doing even after you explain it, then it is their problem not yours. You keep doing you and your audience will find and love you. 

I’m really putting myself out there sharing this with you but I know there are other people out there who might be feeling the same. You deserve success and you have something valuable to share with the world. If you have an idea, goal, or plan…GO FOR IT with all of your heart. 

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Hope you all have a great day and I thank you SO much for your continued support. In case no one has today you today– You’re awesome!


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