DOLLAR TREE DIY: Make Your Own Swatch Book

I’ve got a helpful DIY that you can do this weekend while you’re watching Netflix, TV, or YouTube.

I just posted a video on my YouTube channel. (find it here). That video is all about how you can swatch your beauty products and organize those swatches in a book. This is a great way to organize your makeup and know exactly which shades you have or don’t have. I like to take this lightweight book with me when I go shopping. When I see a lipstick I want to buy I can instantly check my collection to see if I have that shade. How great is that?!

This is also good to have if you are a makeup artist. Your clients can easily see which shades they have to chose from.

Additional tips:
~Cover each swatch with clear tape to keep the product from transferring onto the plastic covering of your photo album pages.
     ~You could also laminate the swatch sheets
~Swatch anything you want! You can swatch lipsticks, nail polishes, eye shadows, or blushes.
~You could handwrite each product name but I think it’s best to type up the names. Then again, I have bad handwriting. Haha
~Share your swatch book with a friend so they can see swatches of products they might be interested in purchasing.
~Another option is to print out photo swatches from the internet of your products.
~Instead of swatching items on your hand in-store; bring a blank sheet of paper to make swatches. You can add a category in your book which has swatches of products you would like to buy in the future.

Check out my video below:

Let me know if you have other  video or post requests. Thanks for stopping by!

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Welcome to my sale!

Below are all of the items I am hosting on my blog sale. If you see an item you want to buy just email me at with the item(s) number(s) and your zip code or country code so I can get you the exact shipping cost.

More clothing and accessory items will be added soon!

If you have any other questions about an item don’t hesitate to email me. I check my email very frequently so I will do my best to respond ASAP.

Most makeup products have never been used but if I have used or swatched an item, those items have been sanitized with 90% isopropyl alcohol while wearing sterile gloves and then they were placed in plastic bags to insure they stay sanitized.

At this time I can only accept PayPal but it’s free to setup an account so if you don’t have a PayPal account and want to create one just go to

BONUS: All orders will come with a free sample of  relaxing bath salts. 🙂

P.S. I tried to take the photos with my nicer camera but the files were so big it took too long to upload the photos so I took some photos with my iPhone. Let me know if you have any questions about the exact shade, scent, or tone of an item.

1. Garnier Fructis Color Shield leave-in hair treatment. $2 ( new, never used)

SOLD! 2. Redken Fresh Curls Curl Refiner 8.5 oz $20 (Average price on Amazon is $60)
I have never opened or used this product. It came in shrink wrap and I just took it off to take this photo.

3. Black and white flower headband $1 (never tried on or worn at all) 

4. Maybelline eye shadow trio in Impeccable Greys $1 (Never used. Swatched once)

5. Maybelline eye shadow trio in (purple tones)  Crown Jewels $1 (Never used, swatched once)
6. Kiss Press-On manicure in red. $2 (Full set, none missing)
*Red is a bit deeper than in the picture

7. BH Cosmetics California Collection eye shadow trio $1 (Never used)

8. Almay Luxury Finish translucent powder $2 (1 tsp of product used) 

9. NYC nail polish in Lexington Lilac $0.80 (never used)

10. Essie Nail Polish  $2.50  (used once)
The name sticker came off but it’s a pinkish raspberry color

11. Rimmel Nail polish in Too Cool To Tango $.80 (never used)

12. Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in Clam Up $3.50 (Never used)

 13. Sally Hansen Nail polish in Sturdy Sapphire $.80 (never used)

14. Bareille Nail Polish in Moody $1 (Used once)

15. Nicole by OPI polish in Red w/ a little shimmer $2 (Used once)

16. NYC eye shadow palette The Best of Broadway $1 (Used 2-3 times)

17. NYC eye shadow palette Lexington Luxury  $1 (Only 1 color used once)

18. NYX eyeshadow $2 (Never used)

19. NYX Blush Stick in Pink Lotus $2 (Used once)

20. Clinique touch tint for lips and eyes in soft pink color $3 (Only swatched once)

21. Essence stay all day cream eye shadow in Coppy Right $1 (Used 2-4 times)
**The pot was not filled to the top when I bought it

22. NYC Mosaic powder $2 (Only swatched once)

23. Mary Kay Full Coverage Foundation in Ivory $2  (Used 2-4 times) 

24. Maybelline Dream Mousse eye shadow in Mint Dream $1 (Swatched once)

25. Maybelline Dream Mousse Shimmer in Golden of Eden $1.50 (Never used)

26. Clinique mini palette with two eye shadows and a blush $3 (Never used)

27. Elizabeth Arden mini palette $2.50 (never used)

28. Avon Moisture Therapy hand cream and nail file. $3 (never opened/used) 
I have 2 of these sets

29. Calgon Moon Petal Musk body cream $3.50 (Never used) **See #67 below for coordinating body spray 

30. Almay eye shadow + primer $2.50 (Used once)

 31. Clinique 4 pan palette $3 (Used about 10 times)

32. Colorful, Silky scarf: $2

33. Large Cotton Stripped Scarf $4

34. Plaid wool scarf $2

35. Pond’s Luminous Moisture Day Cream with SPF 15 $1.25 (About 1/4used)

36. Parisian Mini Notebook $1.50 (No pages missing. Never used)

37. Be The Bombshell Eye shadow Quad $3 (Never used, swatched once)

38. Chella felt tip eyeliner in Indigo $1
39. Freeman’s face mask in Golden Grain $1.50 (Used 3 times) 

40. Victori’as Secret Very Sexy Shimmer Lotion $2.25 (Used 4 times)

41. Wet ‘N Wild nail polish in Burgundy Frost (I have 2 of these to sell) 
(never used)
42. Wet ‘n Wild Mascara $1.80 (Unopened, new)
43. Wet ‘n Wild Glitter nail polish in Jam Session (never used)

44. Wet ‘n Wild Eye shadow Trio in Getting Sunburned (new, unopened)
45. Wet ‘n Wild Eye shadow Trio in Silent Treatment (new,unopened)

46. Wet ‘n Wild Natural Blend tinted lip balm in Cinnamon (new, unopened)

47. Wet ‘n Wild Balm Stain in Reddy Or Not (new, unopened)

48. Wet ‘n Wild Nail Polish in Sparkled (never used)

49. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Wild Card (never used)
50. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Gray’s Anatomy (never used)
51. Wet ‘n Wild tinted lip balm in Sugar (new, unopened)

52. Wet ‘n Wild lipstick in Cherry Picking (new, unopened)

53. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Frosted Eggplant (never used)
I have 2 of these.

54. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Party of Five Glitters (never used)

55. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in How I Met Your Magenta (never used)

56. Wet ‘n Wild Balm Stain in Lady and The Vamp (new, unopened)

57. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Under Your Spell (never used)

58. Wet ‘n Wild lipstick in Wine Room (new, unopened)

59. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Frosted Fuchsia (never used)

60. Wet ‘n Wild glitter polish in Stick It To The Man (never used)

61. Wet ‘n Wild nail polish in Caribbean Frost (never used)

62. Maybelline Color Tattoo in Sunwashed Sky (new, unopened)

63. Sally Hansen Triple Shine nail polish in Pearly Whites (I have 2 of these. Both are unopened)

64. Rimmel 3D Lipgloss (I have 2 of these and both are unopened)

65. Sally Hansen Nail Growth Treatment (new and unopened)

66. Sally Hansen Hand and Nail Creme (new and never used)

67. Calgon Moon Petal Musk Cream and body mist combination.
Combo: $6

68. Calgon Moon Petal Mush body spray (new and never used)

69. Almay primer cream eye shadow in a plum color (new and unopened)

70. Revlon cream blush in Berry Flirtatious (new and unopened)

71. Covergirl lip gloss in Raspberry (never used)

72. Sephora by OPI nail polish in a purpleish plum color (unopened)
73. Sephora by OPI nail polish in a greyish gold tone (unopened)

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Affordable and Beautiful: Wet N’ Wild Spring 2014 Nail Polish Collection

Spring is right around the corner (I hope!) and with it comes lots of new spring beauty items.

Today I wanted to share with you some watches and a review of the Spring 2014 Wet N’ Wild limited edition nail polishes. I have been a huge fan of this make-up brand since I bought my first lip gloss in the 7th grade. The brand is always affordable, good quality, and not tested on animals.

I am also a huge fan of nail polish in general because something about changing the color of my nails just makes me happy.

There are six polishes total in the Spring 2014 collection but I only picked up four of them because the other two were very similar to polishes I already own. These polishes are $1.99 each and I found mine at Walgreens.

Here are the four I tried:

Elegance is a subtle pink frost. The color is buildable so you could go with just one coat for a natural shine or build it up for a more intense baby pink color. I found this color changed a bit depending on the light and it can come off more silvery than pink.

This swatch is two coats of polish with no topcoat.

Champagne Toast is a frosty goldish beige color. The color is very neutral toned and also subtle like Elegance. I am quite fair complected with cool undertones so I have to build this one up to be really noticeable. This one might end up mostly as a toe color for me this summer when I want to go bare but not naked. I think this would be particularly pretty if you have skin with warmer undertones.

This swatch is two coats of polish with no topcoat.

Valet Tag is a satin grey color with a tiny hint of shimmer. Although the shimmer is subtle I think it really helps this polish look chic and not drab. Normally I wouldn’t gravitate towards grey nail polishes but I actually like this color as a soft transition from Winter into Spring.

This swatch is two coats of polish with no topcoat.

Sophisticated is a very sheer opal-blue polish with shimmer. This one can be kind of tricky. It is so sheer that I don’t think it looks very nice on its own. It is however a very lovely topcoat as you can see in the picture below. The opal sheen gives darker colors a little oomph.

This swatch is three coats of polish with no topcoat. My index finger is one coat of navy polish with Sophisticated as a topcoat.

My Overall Impression:

I really like these new polishes. Except for Sophisticated, the pigmentation is very nice. The formula is very smooth and easy to brush on. The brush has the same square manicure-friendly style as all the other Wet N’ Wild Megalast polishes so that’s always a winner in my book.  I am a huge fan of neutrals so I think I will get a lot of use out of these this Spring. My favorite is the shade Elegance because I think it looks cute and girly but not too immature. I’m hoping this shade will make me appear a bit more sun-kissed once the weather warms up and I can justify using self-tanner.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I would love to hear your thoughts about these polishes,other polishes, the Spring, or about anything health and beauty related. 🙂

Have a great day!


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