One Photo A Day: December 2014

Happy New Year!! I am sorry this is a few days late but I’ve been traveling.

Here are my December photos. Enjoy!

December 1-Piyo class

December 2-Taking Luna to the vet

December 3-Out to get some rays of sun
December 4th- Stepping outside of my nail art comfort zone.

 December 5- Christmas trees and tiny bottles of champagne.

December 6-High end beauty at low end prices!
December 7- Vlogmas continues!
December 8- Luna and her freshly washed blanket.
December 9-New book and a cup of joe.
December 10- New makeup from the drugstore
December 11- Bunny love from Anthropologie.

December 12- Christmas work party

December 13- Experimenting with healthy pizzas.

December 14- Wisdom from Audrey.
December 15-Luna is banana crazy.
December 16- Working and caffeinating.
December 17- Extreme Couponing!

December 18-Healthy hot chocolate

December 19- Visiting the animals at the Humane Society

December 20- Holiday party outfit
December 21- Making health date and coconut treats.
December 22- Detoxing my skin
December 23-Working beachside
December 24- Travel makeup preparation
December 25 (BONUS) Merry Christmas!

December 26-Love
December 27- Luna snuggling with her daddy

December 28- Handmade Christmas gift from my friend, Lauren.

December 29- Testing out my new heart rate exercise monitor

December 30-Luna gets a house upgrade.

December 31- Happy New Years!

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30 Before 30: Book Review

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

I just posted on my YouTube Channel a little quick informational video about my 30 Before 30 challenge. One of my goals is to read 30 books over the next year and I am well on my way to accomplishing that goal. After each book I read I will post a short little review for you here on my blog.

Book #1: The Day I Shot Cupid by Jennifer Love Hewitt

That’s right. The Jennifer Love Hewitt from Party of Five and all of those wonderfully sappy teen/horror movies from the ’90/’00’s. I saw this book one day at Dollar Tree and decided to get it solely based on the fact that I am nosy and wanted to read J. Hewitt’s thoughts on love.

This was an extremely quick read. It only took me two sessions to finish the whole thing. Most of the book is written in first person (J. Hewitt) except for a chapter in which she lets her then fiance give his opinion on women and dating. I think a true book critic would say that this book is not incredibly well written. The story lacks a solid flow and at some points I think bullet points would have been better. I did like the honesty in this book. Hewitt is very vulnerable and open with her stories and thoughts on love. She wrote this as just a normal woman talking to other normal women about how complicated love can be. We see so much gossip about celebrities and their love lives in the media so it’s nice to get the other side of the story. Overall I enjoyed this short little read and I think I like Jennifer Love Hewitt even more now.  I give this book 2.5 1f407-twitter bunnies.

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