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I had the pleasure and honor to attend an event with Nikita Hair USA last week and I want to share my thoughts on the event and also give you some helpful information about the brand.

I also created a video to accompany this post which you can view below:


Nikita Hair got its name from the Elton John song, “Nikita”.  How cool is that?! Even though I was not born in that era, Elton John is one of my favorite artists and the song, “Your Song” was played at my wedding (also at my parent’s wedding).

The creator and found of Nikita Hair is Inger Ellen Nicolaisen. I had the pleasure of meeting her and spending the day with her last week. She is seriously one badass business woman. Not to mention she extremely passionate and has a great sense of humor. She also  tells it like it is. It was really refreshing to hear her speak about her personal history, mission, and brand.  She came from very humble beginnings and with a massive amount of hard work and passion grew this business to over 150 salons and growing! Her salons in Sweden and Norway have won many awards and this brand is known as one of the best hair care brands in Scandinavia. Check out their awards here:

I feel so inspired after hearing her story and she has a true passion to help clients feel great about their hair and skin. She also wants to motivate others to reach their own goals, whatever they may be. To be honest when I first arrived I didn’t know what to expect but leaving the event I felt more empowered and passionate about my own goals. Passion is definitely contagious!

The event itself felt very warm and luxurious. It took place at her home and she made everyone feel like a welcome member of the family. Her nephew Sander was even there, dressed up in his best suit to help his aunt Inger. I thought that was so sweet!

We were served a delicious brunch prepared with help from her children, which included fresh Norwegian salmon and a super tasty cauliflower dish that Inger made herself just for us.

After we all ate and chatted with each other…a limo arrived to pick us up. That’s right…our very own limo! We jammed to Bruno Mars and Beyonce as the ride whisked us to the Nikita Salon in Boca Raton.


There we were greeted with open arms (and cupcakes!) by the salon staff. Three models sat at the salon’s beautiful hair styling stations to show off the work of the Nikita Hair USA styling team.

As you can see from the photos their work is breathtaking. That braid is serious #hairgoals! We explored the salon and the staff explained some of the products to us. P.S. Right now if you buy any 2 products you will get a FREE travel kit!

One unique thing about this brand is that they use Cloudberry in some of their formulas. Cloudberry is a rare and treasured ingredient only found in Scandinavia. It has anti-aging properties and contains high amounts of vitamin C, A, E and also calcium and magnesium. This is actually the exact combination of vitamins that my personal doctor recommends I use, so count me in! If you want to learn more about the cloudberry check out a video they made here:  

They have a Cloudberry serum which I tried and it was incredible! I thought it might make my hair limp but it made the ends of my hair feel so smooth and soft without falling flat.

The brand also uses glacier water which has an extremely high oxygen content and SEA3Oil, which is a very pure form of Omega-3 oil. They believe is only using the purest ingredients to create the best possible products.

As you will see and hear in the video above, we were all provided samples of their Chromin ColorPro shampoo and conditioner. My hair feels so much softer, has more volume, and was much easier to manage after using this combo.  We were also provided the Eleni and Chris Hydrating Face Mist to try and I LOVE this face spray. I have used it every day for a week in the morning and at night. In just 7 days I have seen a noticeable improvement in my skin.

I definitely recommend these products and if you are in the South Florida or Boca Raton area you should check out their salon at

193 E Palmetto Park Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33432 . PLUS! They are having a special offer right now for a $39 blowout! The staff is so friendly and helpful so if you have any questions about the right color, style, or products to use they can definitely help you. If you do visit their salon snap a photo of your style and share it on social media using #nikitahairusa so they can see!

In addition to having this amazing hair and skincare brand Inger started a non for profit organization called A Hand To Children which helps disadvantaged children. The organization’s goal is, ” To give orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children a better life and hope for the future.”

As you all know I have a background in social work and have worked for many years to help abused children get the services and help they need so I am very touched that this brand would incorporate this mission into their work. This ties back into the passion that this team has to improve people’s lives in several ways. I actually talked with Inger about volunteering in some way with her organization or together here in South Florida. So hopefully we will be able to work together to help more children live the best life possible.

I am very impressed with this brand and I love to support people doing great things. If you want to see more from this brand please let me know and I can share more about their different products and maybe even do a vlog showing my experience at their salon!


I hope this post has left you feeling inspired to achieve your goals and spread passion on to others. Nikita Hair is proof that with enough passion and hard work anything is possible!

See more from Nikita Hair USA and Eleni and Chris check out the links below.

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Eleni and Chris:

Instagram: @eleniandchris


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  1. Nelly

    July 24, 2017 at 1:50 am

    Wow looks like you had a great time 🙂 Nothing better to spend a day where women empower women ❤️

  2. courtneyval

    July 24, 2017 at 11:05 am

    It was a really nice event! I agree too, women have to support each other to move forward. To quote the Spice Girls,”Girl Power!” haha <3

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