30 Before 30 Book Review: The Resistance

Another book checked off my “30 Before 30” list. I have started 2 other books but for some reason I didn’t finish them all in one go. I did however finish this book, The Resistance in 2 flights. I got this book by in August at Dollar Tree (Click here to see the haul video).  
The Basics:
Author: Gemma Malley
Genre: Dystopian Fiction -YA. All of the books are mixed in together at Dollar Tree so I didn’t know that before purchasing it. 
Other books in this series: “The Declaration” and “The Legacy”. 
General Theme: This book is about a new form of governmental control on aging. I don’t want to give too much away in case you are interested in reading it for yourself but this novel is centered around a main character who is struggling with choosing between immortality and the natural cycle of life. This book involves science fiction, mystery, plot twists, moral values, and ethics. 
My Thoughts:
I  really enjoyed this book and it provided the perfect light entertainment for my round trip flight. I thought it kept my attention well and left me turning the pages to find out what would happen next. The characters were very relatable and the author made you feel sympathetic towards them.  I also liked the not-so-subtle discussion on science and ethics of  anti-aging research. I think in today’s society we are all striving to prolong our youth and this book shows just how extreme the desire of youth can become. It was interesting to me that the book takes place in England but I didn’t notice any use of typical UK English. I’m a linguist so I tend to notice those things when I’m giving the characters voices in my head. Overall, I would recommend this book and I might try to find the other two books in this series to read as well. 
I give this book 3.5 bunnies 1f407-twitter.
A random side note: I get different feedback from people when it comes to adults reading YA novels. Some people think it is childish to read below your level. I always remember some interviews given by the record holding Jeopardy winners,Julia Collins and Larissa Kelly. Both of these women attribute their incredible memories and success to reading anything they can get their hands on, including YA novels. Just sayin’. 
Let me know if you have suggestions for other books I should read in my 30 Before 30 challenge. 
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! 

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